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Laboratory of Clinical Pathohistology


Kuralenya Svetlana Fedorovna

Head of the Department

Room 354. Phone +375 (17) 399 94 52

Reception hours:
Tuesday: 16:00  to 18:00
Thursday: 9:00 to 11:00

  The Laboratory of Clinical Pathogistology is equipped with modern histological and optical equipment of the German company Leica Microsystems and Japanese company Olympus, it is staffed by highly qualified personnel and works in two shifts.

  The period of biopsy examinations in the laboratory is 2 -3 working days, the lengthening of terms (1-2 days) may be caused by the necessity of using additional methods of research, consulting with experts of the Department of Pathological Anatomy of BSMU, or, when processing large objects, for the need of a longer posting the material.

  The laboratory has the opportunity to conduct consulting examinations of histological and cytological preparations from other medical institutions in Belarus and countries.

  In the Laboratory of Clinical Pathohistology is used the histochemical method of examination: used special stainings. These kind of examinations are not conducted in all pathoanatomical departments of the city.

  The biggest amount of biopsy material in the laboratory comes from the Endoscopic Department of the Center – biopsy material of the digestive system.

  The laboratory also examines biopsy and cytological material collected by doctots of the Consulting Department.

  Since 2012 in the Laboratory has been doing a research of prostate biopsy material obtained with transrectal puncture biopsy of the prostate under the supervision of ultrasound.