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  Medical services on a paid basis are provided by appointment in the registry:

  • By visiting Center
  • By phone

Without referral patients can apply for visiting for a fee. The possibility of recording for paid services must be specified in the registry..

Diagnostic examinations:

  • endoscopic, ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity organs, thyroid, prostate and mammary glands, pelvic organs, vessels, heart, knee joints; electroneuromyography, electroencephalography, echoencephalography, osteodensitometry
  • computer and magnetic resonance tomography
  • laboratory tests


  • consultations of a gastroenterologist, proctologist, hematologist, angiosurgeon, nephrologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, dental surgeon, pulmonologist, otoneurologist, allergist, urologist, gynecologist

Therapeutic services:

  • extracorporeal ultraviolet blood irradiation is an express version of blood purification and possesses general restorative, stimulating, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action. It improves blood microcirculation in the body, normalizes the work of the immune system and speeds up the recovery processes in the affected tissues. It is used for the treatment and / or prevention of exacerbations of psoriasis (winter variant), neurodermatitis, furunculosis, pustular skin lesions, trophic ulcers, erysipelas, acne, eczema, thromboembolic diseases of the lower extremity arteries, bronchial asthma (allergic and non-allergic form), ulcerative diseases of the stomach and duodenum, as well as sexually transmitted infections (herpes, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, gardnerellez, cytomegalovirus)
  • carrying out with the curative purpose of a course of infusion intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous administration of medicinal products (according to indications) and for insured persons under Voluntary Medical Insurance Contracts
  • carrying out intramuscular and intravenous anesthesia for colonoscopy, endosonography, enteroscopy and bronchoscopy (under indications) and for persons under Voluntary Medical Insurance Contracts

  Provision of paid medical services

  At the request of citizens, medical examinations are carried out under special programs, which include such directions as:

  • screening for conditionally healthy individuals (recommended for men and women over 35,
  • rheumatology,
  • allergology,
  • otoneurology,
  • otorhinolaryngologist,
  • maxillofacial pathology,
  • urology,
  • nephrology,
  • pulmonology,
  • gastroenterology,
  • angiosurgery,
  • hematology,
  • neurology,
  • proctology,
  • gynecological pathology.

Health Care Institution 
Minsk Clinical Consulting and Diagnostic Centre